Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate gift baskets are the perfect way to send numerous chocolate gifts in one sweet package! 
Ghirardelli's Best Sweets Basket
from $29.99
Exclusive Neuhaus Best of Belgium Chocolate Basket
from $99.99
V Chocolate Exceptional Gift Basket
from $99.99
Simply Chocolate Deluxe Sumptuous Snack Basket
from $69.99
Godiva® Coffee & Chocolates Latte Mug Set
from $29.99
Simply Chocolate Nuts & Confections Basket
from $69.99
Chuao Chocolatier Exclusive Premier Gift Box
from $139.99
Exclusive Neuhaus Chocolate Excellence Gift Basket
from $149.99
Knipschildt Exclusive Premier Chocolate Collection
from $129.99
Exclusive Neuhaus Ultimate Taste Tour Gift Basket
from $199.99
Simply Chocolate Jubilation Gift Basket
from $99.99
Simply Chocolate Sumptuous Snack Basket
from $49.99
Ghirardelli Sweets Mercury Glass Gift
SALE  $19.99
Simply Chocolate Celebration Gift Tray
from $69.99
Ethel M Chocolates Sugar Free Gift Crate
from $74.99
Knipschildt Exclusive Chocolate Treasures Gift Box
from $89.99
Simply Chocolate Decadent Valentine Gift Basket
from $59.99 - $129.99
Ethel M Chocolate Exclusive Gift Crate
from $79.99
Simply Chocolate Deluxe Splendid Sweets Basket
from $79.99
Simply Chocolate Deluxe Nuts & Confections Basket
from $89.99
Simply Chocolate Splendid Sweets Basket
from $59.99
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